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Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton
Profile Image: 
Birth Name: 
Paris Whitney Hilton
Birth Date: 
February 17, 1981
Birth Place: 
New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Actress / Model / Entertainer
Relationship Status: 
Dating River Viiperi

As usual, Paris has been creating news waves at every turn. DUIs, lawsuits, sex tapes and now..... racism? While Paris Hilton's storage unit sold her homemade 'movies', naked photographs and herpes medication, YouTube has posted a new incriminating video segment of the hotel heiress.

Her PR people must be going mad! Just when they thought her image couldn't get any worse, footage in which Hilton makes racist and homophobic comments has been found on the Internet.

2:25 pm

Paris Hilton has talked with her lawyers and has decided to sue the owners of the website Parisexposed.com. She is demanding that they close it because visitors can use a credit card to pay to view nude photos and other items that once belonged to her.

Hilton's suit states that the website, which displays photos, home videos, diary entries and audiotapes of her conversations, as well as images of her passport, is "one of the most reprehensible invasions of privacy of a celebrity".

The site includes topless pictures of Paris on vacation and also shows her frolicking in a tub with the creator of Girls Gone Wild, Joe Francis (who tried to buy the tape before it was released, but they wanted $7 million for it).

2:24 pm

As reported earlier, Paris Hilton is considering legal action against the operator of the website www.parisexposed.com. As more details emerge about the purchase of Paris' personal items from a storage unit which was owed a $208 bill, the story just keeps getting juicier and juicier.

The contents of the storage unit are now known, and include prescriptions for anti-depressants and herpes medication, diaries, photographs, contracts and love letters.

The kicker, it also includes a video of Paris Hilton shot by former boyfriend Joe Francis, who created the Girls Gone Wild franchise. Francis has admitted that he made a strong attempt to get the homemade movie back, but to no avail.

"I was actually trying to negotiate to get my tapes back, but we were unsuccessful. They had asked me for $7m," he told E News.

2:24 pm

Now that the DUI case has been settled, Paris' team of lawyers are switching from defendants to plaintiffs.

Paris Hilton may be making her way back to court, this time to sue a website.

The legal action will reportedly concern a new website launched on January 23, 2007, that is providing access to personal items belonging to the hotel empire heiress. The items include personal pictures, diaries, and contacts....including the cell phone numbers of Paris's friends.

According to InTheNews, website creator Bardia Persa obtained the items after Paris failed to make payments at a Los Angeles storage facility. The items were turned over to a broker and Ms. Persa is said to have picked up the items at an auction for around $2,300.

2:24 pm

Originally charged with driving under the influence, Paris Hilton has been sentenced to 36 months probation and ordered to pay fines after pleading no contest Monday in a Los Angeles court to a reduced alcohol-related reckless driving charge. It is believed that the fines were paid via a low interest credit card right after the sentencing.

Paris did not have to make an appearance during the entire procedure. Meanwhile, she was well represented by her criminal defense lawyers, Howard Weitzman and Shawn Chapman Holley. It can be assured that the bill sumbitted by the attorneys well outweighed the measley fine on Paris' credit card statement.

Judge Michael Sauer also ordered Paris to attend an alcohol education program and said she could reduce her probation by completing 40 hours of community service. Knowing that Paris already does community service work for good pr, this should not be a problem.

2:24 pm

First the Super Bowl ad, now an Opera Ball. Britney Spears has had two appearances taken away at the hands of ex-best friend, Paris Hilton.

Yet, it may be a good thing that Britney won't be the princess of an upcoming ball. After all, we wouldn't want her showing up sans underwear.

In recent news, Ms. Spears has been uninvited from a lavish ball after rival Paris Hilton was asked to be in attendance instead.

The pop princess was due to attend the fashionable Vienna Opera Ball but has now been removed from the guest list because of her falling out with the hotel heiress.

Paris is the guest of wealthy industrialist Richard Lugner and his wife Christina, who in the past have invited high profile stars in an attempt to modernize the very traditional dance, which is a highlight of Austria's social calendar.

2:24 pm

Paris Hilton has recently been mulling over whether or not to have plastic surgery to correct her wonky left eyelid, it has been claimed.

The hotel heiress allegedly paid a recent visit to a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon's office with her sister, Nicky, to make inquiries.

A source told the New York Post: "She wanted to fix her drooping left eyelid."

Paris is currently working up to ten hours a day filming her new movie "The Hottie and the Nottie" and has apparently been aggravating the problem by wearing tinted contact lenses.

Paris' eyes are naturally brown, but she has always worn blue tinted contact lenses.

2:24 pm

Former best mates, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have been battling for roles in television commericals. According to Gatecrasher, the two 25 year old socialites both wanted to appear in a high profile tv commercial set to air during this year's Super Bowl.

While Britney basically got a closed door when she showed interest in the commercial, her ex-BFF, Paris, was welcomed with open arms.

Paris will be appearing in the television commercial, also starring other notables including Martha Stewart and L.L. Cool J. Paris is enthusiastic about the role, while Britney was left stunned that producers of the commercial weren't interested.

2:24 pm

Paris' lawyers are going to have a good year. First, the DUI case, and now Paris has been sued by model-producer Zeta Graff for slander. Fred Khalilian, the owner of Club Paris, has revealed that he has been asked by the court to give a videotaped deposition in the case.

Paris is due in court on February 5, where the $10,000,000 lawsuit has been filed against her.

The club had reportedly told the press that Graff attacked Paris at a “London nightclub and tried to rip off Hilton's $4 million diamond necklace.”

Graff however, is insisting that the whole story has been made up. The reason for the conjured story has yet to be revealed.

2:24 pm

Paris is bucking the system and taking her chances with, by our best estimate, a very pricey (hence influential) criminal defense attorney. Just shortly ago, a plea of not guilty to DUI charges were made on her behalf.

As most of us know the 25 year-old luxury hotel heiress was arrested on September 7, just after midnight for driving erratically in her silver Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren in Hollywood.

She scored 0.08 on a breathalyzer, the minimum blood alcohol level required for a DUI arrest in California.

Paris' reps jumped on the story, saying that Paris was completely embarrassed by the whole incident.

Following her release from jail, Paris made a verizon cell phone call to Ryan Seacrest's L.A. radio show, explaining on-air that she hadn't eaten anything all day and had worked for hours on the set of her new music video.

According to Paris, she only drank one margarita at an event that evening and was on her way to a fast-food restaurant when she was pulled over.

Asked by Seacrest if she had been driving erratically, Hilton replied, "No, I was just really hungry and I wanted to have an In-N-Out burger!"

The heiress was subsequently charged with two misdemeanors: DUI and driving with a blood-alcohol level of .08 or higher.

Her next court date is slated for Jan. 23.

It is opined that eventually the DA will offer her a plea bargain to a lesser charge in which she'll do no jail time, no community service, and just pay a fine.

The hotel heiress and socialite has no prior DUI arrests.

If no plea is offered and she were convicted, she could be sentenced to six months in jail and fined $1,000. The minimum penalty for a first-time offender is a fine, probation and rehab.

Luckily for her, she has the money to get a good lawyer, pay a fine and keep doin' her thing!

2:24 pm