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Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton
Profile Image: 
Birth Name: 
Paris Whitney Hilton
Birth Date: 
February 17, 1981
Birth Place: 
New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Actress / Model / Entertainer
Relationship Status: 
Dating River Viiperi

When you’re uber-rich and famous, you have to be careful about what you say. Paris Hilton learned that one the hard way, after a woman she defamed came back at her with a $10 million lawsuit. But all is well now, as they have settled out of court.

Actress Zeta Graff, a former lover of Paris’ ex-fiancee Paris Latsis, was suing the heiress. Apparently the Simple Life star said some unsavory things about her in the press.

3:20 pm

As an update to the Gossip Girls story on Paris Hilton possibly dating Adrian Grenier, reports are confirming the romance. It looks like Paris is adding Grenier to the makeover plans she has for herself post-jail.

It started with the heiress and the Entourage stud taking in Leo DiCaprio’s documentary 11th Hour, and they’ve been going nonstop ever since.

3:19 pm

She’s still mourning the loss of her series The Simple Life, but it looks like Paris Hilton will be reprising her role as reality queen. Sources say that the heiress will be appearing on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK.

She’s been offered 300,000 pounds, (US $595,591.16) to be on the Channel 4 program, making her the highest paid celebrity on the show thus far.

3:19 pm

Well, you can add “fashion designer” to her list of credentials. And former inmate Paris Hilton couldn’t be happier about unveiling her new line of clothing and accessories.

The Simple Life starlet actually had a lane of traffic closed down outside Kitson, a swanky high-end boutique. The response to the line was so overwhelming, people were everywhere. And Paris was glowing.

3:19 pm

Believe it or not, Lindsay Lohan is lost! At least, that’s the story according to a poster found on the gate of Paris Hilton’s Hollywood Hills home.

Along with LiLo’s flattering mugshot, the poster reads:


Age: 3 in dog years
Weight: Anorexic
Eyed: Dilated
Coat: Spotted/Freckled
Breed: Freckle-Bellied Cokewhore Terrier

My dog was last seen on the morning of July 24, 2007 chasing cars in Santa Monica. She will answer to the call of: Lilo, L Squared, Lo Hoe and Dime Bags, 2 for 10 dollars. She was also last seen carrying her favorite toys: a little white bag we call her “doggy bag” and her favorite black ankle bracelet. Please come home!

3:18 pm

A change of locale is one way to start over. And with Paris Hilton’s new direction in life has come the necessity to sell her Hollywood home.

While the real estate market is floundering elsewhere, the heiress’ home only took 10 days to sell, and went for the full asking price of $4.25 million. And her neighbors couldn’t be happier.

3:18 pm

Since her release from jail, Paris Hilton has been playing it cool. The heiress seems to have learned her lesson, and hasn’t had legal trouble since.

Much of her outrageous social life has taken a turn due to her relocation. When the Simple Life star decided to rent a luxurious beach house in Malibu, it was for all the right reasons.

3:17 pm

A recent sighting of Paris Hilton with Adrian Grenier, star of the HBO hit series Entourage, has sparked rumors ranging from "Paris is joining the cast of Entourage" to "a secret romance between her and Grenier."

On the personal front, it appears that Adrian has pulled a quick u-turn after politely, but publicly, turning down Paris a few weeks ago while partying at Hollywood hot spot Opera.

3:17 pm

Now that she’s had some time to process, Kathy Hilton is opening up about her feelings regarding her daughter Paris’ time in jail. And she’s not holding anything back.

According to the millionaire socialite, seeing Paris treated as in inmate broke her heart. She recounted to press how hard it was to see a guard, “grabbing Paris under the arm,” to pull her away at the conclusion of a visit.

3:16 pm

Taking a break from the Michael Vick dog fighting scandal, PETA recently sent some of their resources to hold a protest of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton's recent purebread puppy purchases.

In what must have been quite the sight, the animal-loving group members were said to have been wearing Britney and Paris masks while holding signs reading, "Shelter Dogs Are Dying and I Don't Care."

3:15 pm